Nursing Team

If you would like to request an appointment with a nurse or healthcare assistant, please visit our Consulting Room.

Advance Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and Physician Associates (PA)

Fenella Rawlings – Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Beth Walton – Physician Associate

They are an integral part of our clinical team working to diagnose and treat patients with urgent healthcare needs. They are medically trained professionals who work alongside the GPs and will; carry out physical examinations, see patients with undifferentiated diagnoses, see patients with long-term chronic conditions, formulate differential diagnoses and management plans, perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, develop and deliver appropriate treatment and management plans, request and interpret diagnostic studies, refer where appropriate and provide health promotion and disease prevention advice for patients.

Practice Nurses

Laura Tomasso

Rebecca Canham

Our practice nurses are involved in every aspect of patient treatment and care. They provide general health advice, cervical screening tests, flu and pneumococcal immunisations, HRT checks, childhood immunisations, travel advice and NHS immunisations, injections, health promotion, contraception and family planning advice. All our nurses are involved with caring for our patients who have chronic disease.

Healthcare Assistants

Elaine Bagwell

Our healthcare assistants can take blood, check blood pressure, perform health checks, do ECGs, spirometry tests, change dressings, remove sutures and test urine. They work under the supervision of a qualified nurse.